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21℃, established in 2008, is the private company fully owned by all employees. Who we are? Powred by Innovation and Collaboration, We adhere to the highest ethical business standards as we create 21℃ with Youth, Passion and Happiness. We are creating the technology to connect the life. We are leading the new era of New Retail. What do we offer the world? Through widly collaboration with the world, we create lasting value for our customers, working to empower people, enrich life and inspire innovation. Inspiring dedication based on sustainable development is one of our values and we hava made significant contribution to society and world. We are committed to innovative products to every person, home and organization for more connected intelligently world. What do we stand for? At 21℃, innovation focuses on customer needs. We make heavily in basic researches concentrating on technology breakthroughs that drive the whole world forward. We are creating sustainable development value for our customers. We are shaping the digital innovation to transform the human experience.

Best Sellers

  • LAZ-1001 Mini Mushroom LED Light
    LAZ-1001 Mini Mushroom LED Light
  • LAZ-1002 Folding Disk LED Light
    LAZ-1002 Folding Disk LED Light
  • FRS-1001 Folding Square Sofa
    FRS-1001 Folding Square Sofa
  • 1:1 Pop-up AirPods
    1:1 Pop-up AirPods
  • FAN-1001 Flat Mini Fan
    FAN-1001 Flat Mini Fan
  • FAN-1002 Handy Circular Fan
    FAN-1002 Handy Circular Fan
  • CLZ-1001 Electric Cleaner
    CLZ-1001 Electric Cleaner
  • WBZ-1001 USB Charging Body Weight Scale
    WBZ-1001 USB Charging Body Weight Scale

Three trends of cloud security in the future

Users access two to three devices per day. If you are a IT worker, there is no doubt that this figure will be greater. With the development of the cloud, its security environment is constantly developing. More and more information is passing through the cloud. The focus on security has shifted from endpoint security to delivered applications, data and user experience. This shift of focus also confronts us with more problems. We should not only ensure the security of data and provide a good user experience, but also maintain the integrity and openness of information. We hope that some people can predict the future and give a perfect answer, but we do not have the ability to predict the future. Instead of predicting the future, we should look at our present. The analysis of the present may be able to see the development direction of cloud security. Application and API Applications are the real core of the cloud. As we can see from the shrinking PC market, using cloud applications through mobile devices is the general trend. This also makes application layer security critical. On the other hand, the API interface optimizes the way of application connection. This cross-connection can span the entire data center, through the application firewall and virtual management layer, so that the utilization of application resources to a new height. Next generation firewall (...
Three trends of cloud security in the future